Our strenghts

Our international recruiting vision makes our offer very flexible in terms of personnel NATIONALITY. However, our base in Romania allows us to tap into a rich pool of talented and reliable workforce, translating into the following advantages for our clients:

High Quality Workforce

  • Romania has a well known tradition in the Oil & Energy industry
  • Human resources are very well trained and widely experienced to work locally and abroad.

Cost Saving

  • Our personnel is on average 30% cheaper compared to the equivalent personnel sourced in western Europe
  • Petris personnel in offshore projects has 15 days break every 3 months vs. the normal 2 months


  • Our people tend to be more flexible, and are easier to work with even when accommodation and climatic situations are challenging

Stability & Reliability

  • We guarantee that compensation negotiations happen only once and none of the workforce will try to renegotiate terms
  • We can replace people within less than 2 weeks (including eventual vaccinations and visa procedures)